Gather Around the Fireplace with JLB

The frigid temps call for an indoor fire to warm up the house and forget about the below freezing wind chills outside. What better way to spend a freezing day than with a book and some company on a set of comfortable Just Lean Back furniture. If you find yourself dozing off, simply use our FlipBar design to lean your chair, sofa or loveseat back into a comfortable napping bed.

Scandia Sofa and Chair Erika's
The Just Lean Back Scandia Sofa and Chair circle this home’s fireplace to make for a warm and inviting living room.

JLB offers options to fit all rooms. Choose from Just Lean Back’s selection of fabric to complement your home’s interior. We offer a variety of fabric designs for indoor and outdoor furniture. A full list of fabric options details washing specifics.  No matter the dimensions of your living room, JLB’s varied sized pieces will make the perfect fit.

So, put on the hot cocoa, grab a good book, light the fire, lean back and stay warm during the frigid months.



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