Go ReConfigure with JLB!

When designing the Just Lean Back collection of ChairBeds, SofaBeds, SmartFutons and ottomans, Nikita Grigoriev aimed to create simple and sophisticated solutions to often overcomplicated reclining furniture. The result: individual designs capable of easily shifting from seating to sleeping that combine with each other to make larger units. Each unit is a convertible stand-alone that can also be a module with other units, shaping into a myriad of options to suit your needs.

Make the most of any room by outfitting with Just Lean Back furniture that can shift in seconds from a sitting room to a sleeping room. Guests coming over? No need to push the furniture to the walls to blow up an air mattress, simply lean our Just Lean Back furniture back and combine to shift into cot beds, twin,  full, queen or king beds.

The modular options are endless, but we will give you a few ideas on how to make the most of your space:

Cot Beds:

  • Scandia Chair + Ottoman
  • Freedom Chair + Ottoman
  • Freedom Chaise

Twin Beds:

  • Scandia Big Chair + Ottoman
  • Freedom Big Chair + Ottoman
  • Freedom Chaise

Full Beds:


  • Scandia Sofa
  • Freedom Sofa
  • Freedom Chaise
  • Scandia Loveseat + Ottoman
  • Scandia Loveseat + Freedom Chair (XL Full Bed)
  • Freedom Loveseat + Ottoman
  • Freedom Loveseat + Freedom Chair (XL Full Bed)
  • Three Freedom Chairs
  • Two Freedom Big Chairs

Queen Beds:


  • Scandia Queen Sofa
  • Freedom Queen Sofa
  • Freedom Queen Chaise
  • Scandia Queen Loveseat + High-back Freedom Chair
  • Freedom Queen Loveseat + High-back Freedom Chair
  • Two Cot Freedom Chaise Loungers

King Beds:


  • Freedom King Chaise
  • Freedom Sofa + Cot Chaise
  • Two Twin Freedom Chaise Loungers
  • Two Freedom Big Chairs and Matching Ottomans

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