Behind the Design

So what makes Just Lean Back so different from any other convertible furniture? Our innovative design paired with efficient practices and the highest quality materials make our SofaBeds, ChairBeds, and SmartFutons stand out in a category of their own. That’s why Nikita Grigoriev moved away from his company being coined as a “futon maker” and now refers to his pieces of furniture as indoor and outdoor convertibles.

The design of Just Lean Back convertibles is radically different from typical futon design. Nikita re-envisioned convertible furniture to be more ergonomic, lightweight, sturdy and compact.

Design elements that set Just Lean Back apart:

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  • Clean single front board
  • Integral design for superior strength and rigidity. Seat can’t slide out from underneath you
  • Frames constructed with horizontal slats. This design holds the mattress in place and restrains slippage
  • Wheels for effortless reconfiguration and mobility
  • FlipBar makes our frames automatic and infinitely adjustable for effortless conversion
  • Convert from front or back
  • Frames automatically self-lock in bed position
  • Rails and support extend through entire frame to prevent swagging or swaying
  • 6 leg braces make frames strong, rigid and uniquely flat for sleeping
  • Ease and Comfort from sitting to leaning back


To learn more about our futons, watch this informative and entertaining video from our friend Jeff at J&M Futon:

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